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A Day in the life

Whats my day at FPU like?

Fast Pitch University utilizes a college style A/B schedule that involves school for one half of the day, and training the other half. Which half of the day is academic and which half is athletics will vary depending on each athlete’s personal needs and desires.


Living the Good Life

At Fast Pitch U, our team recognizes that we are not just your school, we are also your home. This is why our team makes it our mission to supply our student athletes with top tier amenities to ensure the utmost comfort for your stay in paradise.

Dining –

Our students are ensured of three delicious, yet still nutritiously beneficial, meals per day, to fuel both the mind and the body, assisting in both academic and athletic success.

Physical Therapy –

As part of Elevation Preparatory Academy, our student athletes are provided the best physical treatment and care. Our medical staff is always on campus and standing by for all practices, games, competitions, and daily therapy needs.

Sports Shop –

Fast Pitch U has one of the best sporting good shops in the game. With all the best brands at extremely friendly pricing. Our shop has got what is needed to keep our athletes fully stocked and ready to compete at the top level.